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“The equipment supplied by Redbox has given us the confidence to use Google Expeditions in a variety of lessons. I don’t have to worry about the internet not working or checking if each device is charged – simply plug in and use.”

“Redbox has helped us to disable other apps on the devices, so that our students remain engaged in the expedition. This has given me the confidence to use Google Expeditions with my more challenging classes.”

“It provided a great cross-curricular stimulus for our creative writing project and allowed some of the less academically confident students to show off wider knowledge outside the English curriculum.”

At Halewood Academy we were lucky enough to welcome Google and their Expedition Pioneers programme in early September 2016.
The feedback from staff and students was unanimously positive and the level of support for staff from Google was excellent. We immediately began the search for another opportunity to bring GE to school – this lead us to the Open University, who are conducting research into the effectiveness of GE in science and geography, specifically relating to virtual field trips. With the backing of research based evidence and excellent staff and student feedback it was straight forward to convince people of the need for this technology in school.
RedboxVR have provided us with the opportunity to fulfil this requirement. As a member of staff the equipment is easy to move and set up with the students doing most of the work. This, combined with the resources available from Google and colleagues on TES makes VR lessons extremely easy to plan and deliver.

Tom Gilbertson, STEM Coordinator, Halewood Academy.